Useless I.D. Lyrics Working Jerk

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Song name Working Jerk
Artist Useless I.D.
Album "Bad Story, Happy Ending"

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I Tried The Honestly Routine
Now That My Life Is Clean Of All The Ones That Didn't Mean
Nothing More Than Just A Thought I Had In Mind
Of All This Wasted Time When All This Waiting Seems Like A Crime

How Come We Want Some Things Too Hard To Get With True Feelings
Satisfaction Through Attraction Doesn't Compare To The Real Thing
When It's All A Game

Another Weekend Was A Blast
Too Bad It Had To End So Fast, I'm Back To Normal Life
Nine To Five For Me Has Changed To Waking Up Too Late
My Day Is Gone, I Can Just Hope For A Better Tomorrow

Endless Phone Calls Answers No One, Work Has Killed My Best Friends
One Closed Window To Be Open Someday Soon,
I Hope I'll Be Here To Enjoy The Rest

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