Triple C’s feat. Gucci Mane Lyrics”Trickn Off”

Triple C’s feat. Gucci Mane Lyrics Trickn Off

Song name Trickn Off
Artist Triple C’s feat. Gucci Mane

I took my bitch to lennox mall I call it tricking off
50 bricks just crossed the state, I call it getting across
Gucci, rick ross on the stage, I call it harley cross
And when you put yo niggas on I call that being a boss

Diamond chain around my neck, I call it bloody Mary
Purple vette parked at the crib, I call it Walter jelly
Blue and white new drop top beamer I call it poppa smurf
And if you take yo nigga work, call that a lotta nerve
3 thousand 5 hundred dollars call that a loui’ purse
A pent house sweet for me and her, call that a loss her skirt

Nigga out shine Gucci mane I call that boy the 1st
That black on black got em on 6’s call that a rolling hearse
Me Mariah on the screen I call that feelings hurt
These busters that be caking bitches I call ’em captain Kirk
Rick Ross Gucci drama boy I call that going in
So icey and Maybach music call that a easy win


Heavy in the game champagne in my pool
Don perignon and bitches in my jacuzz
Time to act a fool might be on a bean
Might be section 8 but I’m riding mighty clean
Worth 20 million but whoever woulda thought
Worth 20 million boy you better be a boss
Walk up in the club she know what I’m about
She fucking with a thug so she know that pussy bought
Knock that pussy out knock that pussy out

She call me Jake the snake cause I knock that pussy out
Now it’s time to slide spend a quarter on my ride
Not 25 boy I’m on that other side


I took my bitch to buy a harbor I call it trick’n off
Bought myself a hundred choppers I call it getting off
Took that bitch to cal mall I call it getting by
I only spent a couple hundred she think she getting fly
Supplying all the local traps I call that running shit
It’s piled to the roof with sacks I’m on that gutta shit
I’m good in each and every hood I call that certified
Chevy with the Audi frame we call that 7-5
Sipping on a call a cab but I came in a rover
Thumb action on the brick we call it flipping quarters
Yellow diamonds in the grill them V-V-S’s flawless
Yea I do this shit for real it’s triple c we balling

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