Treble Charger Lyrics Over My Head

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Song name Over My Head
Artist Treble Charger
Album "Detox"

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I've been having a bad day,
Somethings rubbing the wrong way
And I need something to show for
Nothing to go for, 'cause I think it's
Over my head

I can't describe this feeling
I've climbed from floor to ceiling
Don't have the strength to wake up
Won't have the arms to take up
Everything and nothing
Won't wait, cause I'm not bluffing
I never asked for any help
I'm asking now

Think I'll last through the weekend
Stayed away from the deep end
'Cause I've got nothing to show for
And I know I need more
Circling over my head


I don't care where it takes me
If it takes me away
I won't know if it breaks me till tomorrow comes
What have I done today?

I'm asking now

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