The Whispers Lyrics A Song For Donny

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Song name A Song For Donny
Artist The Whispers
Album "Best Of" and "The Whispers"

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People speak your name
And think what a shame you're gone
Still they know
What you've left behind
Lives in our hearts and minds
Today and tomorrow

The clouds of darkness came your way
You've given us a brighter day
And your music will be
So very, very special to me

Sometimes wealth and fame
Whispered, "Play my game"
But you, yes, you refused to
Genius touched your soul
Fortune not your gold
God's gift is what changed you

A voice like silk would weave your spell
And words of life, oh, only you tell
And your music is gonna be
Very, very special to me

In life's fleeting glance
You have met the chance to give
All they can't
And though short you stayed
Before you went away with them
Now you stand

Listening to your sounds of joy
I think one shot, ghetto boy
And your music will always be
So very, very special to me

Said I love you, Donny
And you're gonna always be
Very, very, very special to me
Gonna miss one shot, little ghetto boy
This is a song for you

Said I love you, Donny, and I miss you, Donny
You're gonna always be a friend to me
Miss you, Donny
Yeah, I miss you, Donny

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