The Exploited Lyrics”Another Day To Go Nowhere”

The Exploited Lyrics Another Day To Go Nowhere

Song name Another Day To Go Nowhere
Artist The Exploited
Album “Let’s Start A War…Said Maggie One Day”

Another day to go nowhere [Repeat: x4]

Another factory closes down
Protesting voices have been drowned
Just another town that dies
Work force workers go home and cry


Another family leaves the town
Try their luck southward bound

Its only hope that spurs them on
Lost horizons dream on


Another day to go nowhere

Nights of boredom trigger despair
Anarch breaks out in the work-less homes
Ousted sons and daughters roam


Another corpse hangs from a tree
Is suicide left for you and me
Reared up in a work-less zone
Teachers in the damned to free their own

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