Tech N9ne Lyrics I.L.L.

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Song name I.L.L.
Artist Tech N9ne
Album "Therapy: Sessions With Ross Robinson"

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Dedicated to the opposite sex
I like it, I love it
Yeah, I want some more of it
Wow, hahahaha
Best thing to ever happen to man... and woman, you know?

[Hook x2]
ILL! (I like ladies)
ILL! (I like ladies)
ILL! (I like ladies)
FOR REAL! (I like ladies)

[1st Verse]
I know she wanted me by the way she was lookin'
Like she was famished and I'm the one with the cookin'
I'm having fantasies right away of me pushin'
And bouncing her lovely cushions
I want that wonderful noogin
Made my way across the dance floor
And so made it to her table gave my hand no scam go
I'm slight crazy, but bright baby
Tonight say we do it right maybe
She said "I like ladies"

[Hook x2]

[2nd Verse]
You, we got something in common
If you feel it say amen
I really feel your spirit like a shaman
Me and you and your girl
We can go on and on to the dawn
And with women I have a knack for bondin'
Ill, I like ladies, I like lesbians
They love me so they let me in
Oh pretty ass thick chick tryna look butch
Steady wonderin' why I'm sniffin'
Cause you're sittin' on a puss

[Hook x2]

If you wit it and wanna get it
Than let a nigga know
I have made it I'm sorta kiddish
But I can really go
Ain't no time for disrespect
And I keep it on the low

[3rd Verse]
What you do in your bedroom is your business
All you ladies can play with me
And come dip in wit a bro
I got something for girly couples to witness
___? ladies at peanuts
Beautiful stallions some are thicker than Serena
Never had a problem you know you get the thing up
I'm loving the ladies they wanna kick it for Tecca Nina
They wanna do it for Tecca Nina
A couple is nothing when I'm busting I like to team up
Lady lovin' cause they sitting on Aquafina
God did us a solid when he created Vageena!

[Hook x2]

Oh shit, focus, mo' chicks [x8]

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