Stedman Pearson Lyrics Rhythm

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Song name Rhythm
Artist Stedman Pearson

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Hip Hop
Hip Hop Music

_ ___ __ _
Got me Risen the Base Sima
Hip Hop
It stop feel this fly
Just let the snare drum
Taking you high
Got My Base Kicking Breaks
They're dropping my Base
See my girls too shy
We all hestate
You now you're feeling
This beat so high
Let no certain
'Cause I can't feel this way

How you came to get me
Send the Rhythm
They shock me set me free
Put them up in my back
Here's a rhythm
That put my life on track

Shoo-bee-doo-bee- dooo- wah
I'm Now Complete
Standing on My Feet
Shoo-bee-doo-bee- dooo- wah
You're the other
There's no limit to the beat

If you wanna feel the beat
Then feel with me

Rhythm [x 16]

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