South Park (Related Recordings) Lyrics”I’m Not Gay! – Mr. Garrison”

South Park (Related Recordings) Lyrics I’m Not Gay! – Mr. Garrison

Song name I’m Not Gay! – Mr. Garrison
Artist South Park (Related Recordings)

From the episode ‘4th Grade’

Mr. Garrison: Hey! hurry up! You’re taking too long in the damn Tree of Insides!
You in there? My God! Where the Hell did she go?
… Argh! Who are you?
Mr. Garrison’s gay side: Me? I am your gay side.
Mr. Garrison: My gay side? I DON’T HAVE A GAY SIDE!
Gay side: You must face me!
Mr. Garrison: You ain’t real. You can’t be!
Gay side: It is me. Your gay self and denial of who you are. Who “we” are.
Mr. Garrison: But I’m not gay!
Gay side: OH STOP IT! What about the time you looked at

Kel Sermackey’s penis in the men’s locker room?!
Mr. Garrison: I was just comparing size!
Gay side: FOR 7 MINUTES? Oh! And what about the time you masturbated
off to the men’s swimming team?
Mr. Garrison: I was beating off to the chicks!
Mr. Garrison: Oh, damn you spirit! Haunt me no more!
Gay side: ADMIT IT!
Mr. Garrison: NO!!!
Gay side: ADMIT IT!!
Mr. Garrison: All right! All right! I’m gay! I’m gay! You here that everyone?
I’m gay! And it… and it… and it feels… good!

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