Screeching Weasel Lyrics D.I.Y.

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Song name D.I.Y.
Artist Screeching Weasel
Album "Major Label Debut"

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d.i.y. why because we hate you and the dumb look on
your face d.i.y. why because your band's another weak
charity case our shows should be five bucks or less,
we'll do it for the kids two legs good,
mtv bad and major labels suck no fucking shit d.
i.y. is simply your only excuse for why you always
fail initials on the flag you wave when your shitty
records won't sell anywhere politics and social comment,
twenty dollar words won't make your lousy music go
down easier you can't polish a turd d.
i.y. means do it yourself because it's what you want
it doesn't clean the state when everything gets all
fucked up what would you do you phony fuckhead if you
hit it big? stop acting better then me we both know you're full of shit

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