Retro Kult Lyrics”Snake”

Retro Kult Lyrics Snake

Song name Snake
Artist Retro Kult
Album “Salvatio Analogum [English]”

Old legends speak of a lone rider, this is his story

Drinking whiskey, drinking wine, feeling fine,
old habbits that just won’t die
Whiskey’s kick ain’t enough, stripers love, another bluff
As i m pouring down my final drink
A new thrill is revealed, whispers filled with the dazing sound of heels

She was a ray of light
She was Gods delight
A body to start a fight!
a body to start a fight

Won’t you take a ride
in the midnight light
won t you take a ride
and taste my toxic bite!

Driving on an endless road, dust and bones,
just two souls without a home
Another border, another day, gone astray, like we were running away
A chep motel for the night , a new retreat in first light
But the tale of sinners haze, now a maze, has led me on my old ways

Sitting in bars again
Empty bottle, my best friend
in the race to the end!
in the race to my end

Gone and took a ride

The sound of brakes, dancing lights
Satan make some room
For me in hell tonight!


Darknes turns to light
I saw an angel shinning in the night
Standing by my side
I m alive!

She brought me back to life with her red lips that tasted like wine
This stranger with angelic eyes with her heart pure and free of lies
Take your chances with me, I ll show you how to live free
The spark in her eyes told me she was gonna give it a try.

Won t you take a ride
and taste my toxic bite! (live)

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