Phil Ochs Lyrics”My Life”

Phil Ochs Lyrics My Life

Song name My Life
Artist Phil Ochs
Album “Rehearsals For Retirement / Gunfight Carnegie Hall”

My life was once a joy to me
never knowing, I was growing, every day.
My life was once a toy to me
and I wound it and I found it ran away.
So I raced through the night
with a face at my feet, like a god I would write,
all the melodies were sweet, and the women were white.
It was easy to survive, my life was so alive.

My life was once a flag to me
and I waved it and behaved like I was told.
My life was once a drag to me

and I loudly and I proudly lost control.
I was drawn by a dream,I was loved by a lie,
every serf on the scene begged me to buy
but I slipped through the scheme
So lucky to fail, my life was not for sale.

My life is now a myth to me
like the drifter, with his laughter in the dawn.
My life is now a death to me
so I’ll mold it and I’ll hold it till I’m born.
So I turned to the land where I’m so out of place
Throw a curse on the plan in return for the grace
To know where I stand
Take everything I own
Take your tap from my phone
And leave my life alone
My life alone.

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