Onyx Lyrics Shiftee

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Song name Shiftee
Artist Onyx

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Fredro Starr]
IIIIIII, got struck by lighting and the thunder!
Wildin in the shit from the tundra - The Winda(?)
Help me up, someone's pullin me under!
A scorcher, flame on the brain, this is torture
Terrible, horrible, sick shit I brought ya!
Sacrifice the virgin, urban I'm splurgin
Split'splice, I prefer to bring it like a surgeon right
Bombs I got shatter, bulletholes in the paper
Escape the, madness, ONYX, the baddest! (Yup)
Souls of a soldier in the streets of survival
If you (?) to find the blackness, here's the gun to guide you!
Fumble up, crews crumble up, under pressure God!
It's hard, fuck you broke your tooth playin'
Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grime

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grime

[Sonne Seeza]
Come and just bust me, peel the real shit!
Drilled through ya ear drum, hell yeah, I'm fearsome!
My equilibrium, is touched with the U.S.G., sickness
Contaminated with slickness!
Filthy nasty grungy, tracks of the wretched
I gotta deflect it, crazy desperate, deception!
Yeahhh, son, keep 'em on the run!
If you wasn't a two, then you musta been the one!
It's not a big case, to erase, who makes it my fate
You just, waste your time and blood, so you better play ya space!
Cause if that's some shit, gon' get real stupid!
And, you and your man, can TROOP IT!

Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grime
Shiftee! Shiftee! Shiftee! Shiftee!

Aiy you you nasty ass! (What's up big fella!)
Hey whatever, whatever shit, the dirty desert dweller!
Who said never, all in together!
(Now I'm a show you how the Afficial niggaz FUCK IT UP!)

[Chorus: repeat 8X]
Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grime

[Sticky Fingaz]
One day I'ma rule the fuckin world, just mark my word
I've got the filthiest shit, human ears ever heard!
And even if you wash my mouth out with soap
I'll still be as disgusting and despicable!
Unpredictable, liable to flip my lid!
My moms dropped me on my head, when I was a kid!
Back then I lost all my marbles, today I lost my job
So in essence it's armageddon, somebody's bound to get robbed!
Watch out! This could be you I believe
Put a gun to your face, it's better to give than recieve!
I'm more than meets the eye, energize, make your blood pressure rise
Mad Face ain't no disguise!

[Chorus: repeat 4X]
Shiftee! Low down, gritty and grime


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