Necromantia Lyrics Ancient Pride

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Song name Ancient Pride
Artist Necromantia
Album "Ancient Pride"

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The glory of your love
Is built upon our peopleOs pain
And the glory is painted red
Of our noble blood you shed

You came and slaughtered Odhin
You came and murdered Zeus
Our gods became your Satan
And Satan became our God

The Ancient Pride
Still burns within us
Honor, strength and joy
By force weOll purge our soil

The wolf, the bear, the raven
Still guard the ancient soul
The ram will crush your temples
The bull will slay your priests

You brought the faith of slavery
You crowned the king of slaves
You raped and spoiled our beauty
But you conquered not our hearts

The woods became our shelters
The caves became our shrines
Hidden from the greedy eyes
Of your mad, merciful God!

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