Mystic Lyrics”Forever And A Day”

Mystic Lyrics Forever And A Day

Song name Forever And A Day
Artist Mystic

[Verse 1]
You will always be an angel in my eyes
Blues and grays you been by my side
When my worlds crashing and the pain’s intense
You calm my soul with perfect sense
Bring me back to earth, show me gems
Thank you for being my friend

Forever and a day
You will be my everything
Forever and a day

You’re my divine, the reason that I shine

[Verse 2]
You always believed in my dreams
Even when we were kids and our job was just to live
anytime I played, wiped my tears away
you protected me, laughed my fears away
and no one in this world who could ever take your place


we’ve been trough joy and pain
taking differences, still their all the same
your light shines all over me
help me keep perspective, I know it ain’t easy
you should know i’d die for you
call my name and I’ll find you


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