Midnight Spaghetti and The Chocolate G-Strings Lyrics”Don’t Mind If I Do”

Midnight Spaghetti and The Chocolate G-Strings Lyrics Don’t Mind If I Do

Song name Don’t Mind If I Do
Artist Midnight Spaghetti and The Chocolate G-Strings

(Seth Casana; Mikael Glago)

basking on the beach snacking on some plantains
with a pen and paper jotting down my quatrains
island girl bringing guava juice
don’t mind if I do
sneaking off to the sauna, stepping over the iguana
sweat drips like so much candy from piñatas
conversing with a cutie cockatoo
don’t mind if I do
if the sun gets too hot, I’ve got just the remedy
we could go back to my sea anemone

I mean my cabana, see, I get them confused
because there’s 88 tendrils protruding from the roof
at the tip of each one there’s a tiny little room
with cushions so soft, they just consume you
specifically designed for the comfort of two

pick your sister up after work from her cubicle
lick her cuticle, tickle with a warm popsicle
every word you heard about the triple ripple’s true
don’t mind if I do
I got a schlong so long it comes out of your mouth when we screw
like a second tongue, so a third one
can be giving me head while she’s kissing on you
don’t mind if I do
ruckus when I can’t remember which end my rump is
had two poodles and a nude model in my rumpus room
you better clean the Vaseline off the beauty queen
and refill the condom dispenser in the den ’cause

fifty beefy ladies and fifty chunky men
all just confirmed their reservation
to spend Sunday skinny-dipping in Ragu

freaky-deaky vision been freed in my forehead
paint the town red with some luck like a firetruck
dirty ass visions make a body want to …
I just a-want to friz-ique all over your physique
making love to the rythym of this here beat
and do the things that we love to do
don’t mind if I do
now here’s a big girl from San Fransisco with nipple rings
four tattoos on her body including
mirror images of her posing in the nude
“Slip back to my flat and we can sip on a nightcap
despite that nervousness, I know you like that
if I bite you will you bite me back?”

keep on the mind-bending, this trip is never-ending
send my vessel with or without comprehending
the world’s edge has such a lovely view
don’t mind if I do

but people always say, “how come you don’t do drugs?”
’cause I’m already just a little bit fucked up

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