Mammoth Lyrics”Take Me Home”

Mammoth Lyrics Take Me Home

Song name Take Me Home
Artist Mammoth

I am a refugee
I’m homeless in this world that we call earth
But I’m not staying here for good
Cause I am on my way
I have a home that’s been prepared for me
And when I’m there I’ve reached my goal
This world is killing me, it’s hurting me, it’s draining all my strength
I don’t know how much longer I stand to face the pain,
to feel the hate, see all the evil in the world
Some days a day feels way to long


I don’t belong here
In this hell we’re in
I’ve had enough now
Take me home
People are bleeding
End this misery
Lord I’m ready take me home

What is the meaning Lord?
How long will it take ’til you decide to bring us home
Can you tell me why you wait?
There are teardrops everywhere
Your children cries, there’s darkness all around
Feels like your light is fading out
I put my trust in you, don’t let me down
God I won’t survive
Unless your promises are real
Take us to Zion Lord, your promised land
Where sorrow won’t be known
Oh how I long to face your glory

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