Maino Lyrics”What Happened”

Maino Lyrics What Happened

Song name What Happened
Artist Maino

First the fat boys break up, then dibs at makeup
Niggas got a problem with Hov
15 years later, are we greater? Couple milk skyscrapers
And people still waiting for Hov?
New York got soft, niggas say they unity is lost
The critics pointing fingers, is it 50 Cent fault?
That we on a down slope, what happened to the east coast?
Do we blame it on the music? Should we blame Ebrow?
The OG’s looking for that 90’s rap era
But these young kids screaming ’em Young Money letters
What a nigga ‘posed to do? I don’t have the slightest clue
When you trying to keep it real but being real ain’t really cool

Want the truth to be exposed, I don’t judge a man’s clothes
But these niggas wearing skirts and you tell me that it’s dope
I ain’t hating, I’m just saying, I’m just speaking how I feel
Ex con, all for rap, I done touched a couple mill
Man, this shit is getting crazy, it’ll make you go bananas
But New York got a playlist look exactly like Atlanta’s
I tried to mind my business but they pushed me to the edge and shit
Heard a New York nigga say New York was irrelevant

What happened to my city, man?
What happened to my city, man?
What happened to my city?
Nobody give a fuck ’cause ain’t no love up in my city, no
What happened to my city, man?
What happened to my city, man?
What happened to my city?
Nobody give a fuck ’cause ain’t no love up in my city, no

Guess I’m caught up in my feelings
‘Cause I just can’t just sit and watch these niggas crush our buildings
I’m so confused, at times I thought what should be my mission?
‘Cause I just gave up my girl for a stripper that’s religious
Hope the DJ’s play my record, yeah
He gonna play my record
If I rap and rap like that he gonna pay attention
When I cook it cook it, bake it bake it
Cut it cut it, swag it swag it
Twerk twerk work work, we gonna play, we gonna play
When rappers and the shorty get they passes from the folk
When they come to New York City they do anything they want
How I’m ‘posed to move? What the fuck would Biggie do?
Should I confiscate they change? Should I make these niggas food?
Man, I’m thinking to myself it ain’t them, it is us
‘Cause we destroyed each other, we don’t support us?
We ‘posed to be the team but we not, we look sweet
So why you think these niggas feel free to claim king?

And I know they gonna try to mix it up and say I’m angry
But I’ve been riding foreign since I’m 9, I get plenty
I’m just saying what these niggas scared to say but it’s how they feel
Niggas in my city scared to say but this how they feel
Dreams are stacked bundles, dying for this shit
I called up Kiss, he said he tired of this shit

Yeah, we was playing chess, now these niggas playing cards
It’s a shame, it’s the strippers, it’s the new AandR’s
Like what happened to my city? Like what happened to the bars?
Get yourself a Rollie and you automatically a star
Shoot a couple cheap videos, get on a couple blogs
Once you get to smoking mirrors you can blend in with the fog
You can get yourself a deal, you can get yourself a date
Get a beat from Mike Will, get a hook and verse from Drake
Probably both be on my album so don’t try to call it hate
I just call it how it is ’cause I’m the opposite of fake
Word to hot 97, word to pow 105
Every sound go were you here, anybody from NY
They was used to breaking records, now they chasing records
If they can’t bounce to it ain’t no need to make the records
Wait a second, I thought this was the Mecca
Home of the 1-2, mic checka
Rapping different, dressing different
Born and raised here but you reppin’ different
What happened, damn

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