MAGIC! Lyrics We Riderz

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Song name We Riderz
Artist MAGIC!

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[Magic]{*Laughs*} Look at this shit brah
Boy look at these phony ass niggaz boy you see 'em L.I. brah
You see them niggaz brah
That is what you call a prime example of a imposter
A fake ass muthafucka, nigga wanna be a muthafuckin' rider
We riders... we riders... {*Laughs*}

[Magic]So what you niggaz ain't know (UH OHHH!), bitch we riders
We keep our pistols real close beside
Every nigga down wit' me ain't scared to ride
Fuckin' thug niggaz, gettin' full of drug niggaz
We get payed to do this shit, so you gotta love us niggaz
Went from rags to riches, from shitty hoes to gangsta bitches
To the studio, straight from prison, from the 9th ward, to 7 figures
I came all the way to the bay to say, ya'll don't wanna be offendin me
Fuckin' with Lil' Italy, who I consider my family
I might get up set, and y'all won't like me when I'm angry
All the Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines is tryin' to tame me
The call me magic cause I'm know for makin' my victims disappear
Y'all lookin' for the riders? The riders right here!

Chorus: Lil' Italy (2x)

We gon' ride nigga
Ain't no shame in our game, it's do or die nigga
We gon' ride nigga
Ain't no shame in our game, so run and hide nigga

[Don P]
Ohh, just stop, don't even get me started, an artist
But you more like a movin' target, dearly, dearly departed
They know, satisfaction, til I'm pullin' the Mask
Now get to, dumpin' and snatchin', no more talkin', rappin', blastin
I don't, care who you are, or who you hang wit'
Information tell me that you reliable
Informants on your house, light, sound, low down
He took the wrong route, now the raw deal, it's how he figures out
Lost case, and jabroni's big case, filled up with big face
In the cut, don't be any more, for sure, in one or more foriegn places
I lace my boots, I'ma rider for the right loot
Half a heel - head on the platter, we talkin' done deal

Chorus: Lil' Italy (2x)

[Lil' Italy]Callin' all riderz! Throw your middle fingers up!
Nigga I don't give a fuck! I'll bust a nigga like a nut!
Ain't no pussies on my team, only killaz for the cream
I got dreams, I'm aimin' for the top, with infrared beams
I take my Henny straight, no lacin', no chasin', I can't catch it
Get retarded when I'm on perculation, I can't help it
I when this shit get thick I'm down to ride for my niggaz
And if it came to the shit, I'm down to die for my niggaz
You niggaz wanna test that? Come get wit' us
I hope your chest is where your vest at, when fuckin' wit' hard hitters
What you don't know, you got riders, we got riders too
Ready to bust, never leave they house, without they glock riders tool
And we gon' ride

Chorus: Lil Italy (2x)

WE RIDERS! WE RIDERS! (until fade)

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