Loretta Lynn Lyrics You're Still Lovin' Me

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Song name You're Still Lovin' Me
Artist Loretta Lynn
Album "Love Is the Foundation"

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(Jay Lee Webb - Johnny Wilson)

I've seen you walkin' through the door
A thousand times before
But you're still here with me
And each time my tears began
This could really be the end
Oh, I just know you're gone.

But each time you start to leave
You turn around and look at me
And my love is there to see
I run into your arms once more
Kike so many times before
And you're still loving me

With all the hurt that I have shown
It's a wonder you're not gone
But you're still here with me
All the mean things that I say
It must be hard for you to stay
It's made me love you more.

I'm gonna make it up to you
Love you like you want me to
Anything you ask I'll do
We must be doing something right
'Cause you're here with me tonight
And you're still loving me.

And I thank God for sending you to me
You're the understanding love that I need
And everything I took away
I gave it back to yesterday
And I thank God that you're still loving me...

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