Lamont Dozier Lyrics Fish Ain't Bitin'

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Song name Fish Ain't Bitin'
Artist Lamont Dozier
Album "The Abc Years And Lost Sessions" and "The Legendary Soul Master"

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I'm out here fighting, hungry
The fish ain't biting
Life's so frightening
I'm out here stumbling
Broke and crumbling
And nothing's hatching
And I ain't catching

Nothing, nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing

I'm running last in this human race
Trying to get over this hopeless place
Trying to find that no defense
That I can't win with no confidence

And meanwhile in DC
Tricky Dick is trying to be slick
And the short end of the stick
Because I'm gonna get it
Tricky Dick, please quit


Nothing, nothing
Nothing, nothing, nothing

I've been trying to recover
From that phase one
But it's just too hard when
The damage is already done

Lord, we will overcome
Or am I just destined
Destined to be a bum

With phase two
I thought I was through
In phase four gonna
Take me out the back door

This I know it's for sure
I'm on my knees begging please
Tricky Dick, stop your shit


Nothing, nothing

Can't afford to be lazy
When the cost of living's
Gone crazy


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