Kosheen Lyrics Coming Home

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Song name Coming Home
Artist Kosheen
Album "Kokopelli"

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In silence and forgotten
is where I'll be
Till the gentle-hearted stranger
rescues me.
Talk to me.
Are you comfort me?

I'm bitter end and twisted,
turn me out.
And still I am addicted
to fear and doubts.
Cut it out.

I'm coming home now, baby
I'm coming home

See the world through window
a thousand miles.
But in my heart I'm drifting
to your tight arms.
Close your eyes.

The days push out of prison
on the open ground.
I wanna be back where we started,
turn it round,
make it safe and sound.


You still be so held by certain
to find my place in the sun.
But the sun's been shining every day
and my woke is never done.

Sometimes I...I feel I might be wasting my time,
But then I wake up screaming and realize I'm dreaming
and do it finally in my time.


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