Kelli Mack Lyrics The Only One

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Song name The Only One
Artist Kelli Mack

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I'm as black as the night
I hide out in corners pretending I'm alright
I could say that I'm free
That's just one of my lies
I'm a slave to what can be

It's not long before the apple's not so sweet
Not long before I realize
I'm tangled in this web I weave

You're the only one
Who would cover me with mercy
Wrap me in the blanket of your love
And you're the one
Who burns the record of my wrongs
And make me strong
You are the one

I'm the only one who knows
That I'm rotten inside from my head to toes
I cheat and I lie
If misery's for sale then I'm looking to buy

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus

There's a darkness I keep
It feeds on my soul and it won't go to sleep
It shies away from the light
So my shadows and secrets stay tucked out of sight

Repeat Pre-chorus
Repeat Chorus

You are the only one
The only one

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