Juliet Lyrics”P.O.A.”

Juliet Lyrics P.O.A.

Song name P.O.A.
Artist Juliet

God bless America, breaking color barriers
Teaching us to never judge a man on his exterior
More about the character, less about the mirror
Looking death right in his eyes,
So many times, I bet he’s fearing us
Then 9 11 came along, a memory that’s still here
Mother still crying, even know her son is long gone
On this … got the hope to hold on
Cause even know we ain’t home, we have a bed to sleep on
Dreaming an american dream
They jealous cause americans dream
And we still pray for them,

Even know they trying to bring America to its knees
Salute to the soldiers, take the pain for us
For the four fathers who built this place for us
Overseas warriors, united states mortars
This is for the men that changed, listen to the chorus

I have a dream that one day,
down in Alabama, with its vicious racists,
with its governor having his lips dripping with the
words of interposition and nullification; one day right
there in Alabama, little black boys and black girls
will be able to join hands with little white boys and
white girls as sisters and brothers. I have a dream today

I pledge allegiance America they respect us
Stand together forever as we direct the
New world order they crossing over the borders
Reporting the news reporters, americanize soldiers

Are fighting for one another for wars for a closure
So who’s the true supporter
You oughta be ashamed if they’re killing for quarters
Find a way to justify slaughter
When men are out there dying for ours, by hour
Just to know they sons are growing up to be fathers
God bless America, the symbol of power
Overcome the terror when the planes hit the towers
We remember all the heroes and forget about cowards, Obama
Remember when he took out Osama
Now we can all agree that was something of honor
They saying that we free, now it’s time to go further and farther

Avoiding nuclear war from a cuban rocket
And Martin Luther had a dream that I would go to college
Until my knowledge and higher thinking without the chronic
now we breaking barriers like we traveling supersonic

Because the problem wasn’t government, it was the people
I pray to god to bless the hearts of those who made the sequel
And made the devil take the heart of those who pray for evil
And leave the murder in the movies cause the country doesn’t need a sequel
The price what you pay to see the flag get raised
He said I can’t see the truth cause the world is hazed
In other words, it’s difficult to tell the real from fake
I say we take a little hate and show the world we’re great
Wait a minute, what’s the path we take?
There’s a future that depends on the past we make
Stay together, let our guide lead the passage way
I have to say the war never ends so we have to pray.

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