Jay Rock Lyrics”Get On Your Shit”

Jay Rock Lyrics Get On Your Shit

Song name Get On Your Shit
Artist Jay Rock
Album “Black Friday”

(Sound without focus is just noise)
Yeah this nigga came to me the other day
Like yo’ Jay Rock man
How can i get it like you man
What i need to do man to get to the top
I said man just keep goin’ hard, my nigga
Don’t give up on your dream, dog
Just keep strivin’ man
Just be a man
Do what you do

[Verse 1]

I was raised in the projects
Amongst the rats and the roaches
Gutter conditions
We serve and we protect, our fortress
Stay strapped dog if beef approaches
Posted with some war vets
Sippin’ Hennessy straight
Soaking up game rollin weed
Strike a flame
Taking off like a plane
On any nigga disrespecting me and my gang
Say it simple and plain
Niggas know I’m heavy on a track like a train
In my way, meet your doom
Platinum blast coming soon
Used to sit up in my room and write for hours
My story, hit the store
Rip rock from powder

On the hunt for dead presidents
No mask on
Just a digital scale
Two Glocks and trap songs
Its amazing now
Gettin paid off my rap tunes
Gotta have faith my nigga
Dreams come true

Get it while the gettin’ is good
Better get it while you can
One shot don’t get no second chance
If you feel this shit dog lemme see your hands
Stay on your road nigga, stick to your plans
Only real niggas understand
Fuck a handout be a man
Stop complaining

Get on your shit, nigga
Get on your shit

[Verse 2]
Up early in the mornin’ gotta make moves
Gotta get dollars
Yeah my daughter she need shoes
Mo money, mo problems what I’m facin’
But i ain’t really worry
Im thankin’ god that i made it
And if the drama come let it come i ain’t runnin’
I ain’t no pussy far from a rookie, straight stuntin’
Success it sucks, too much stress
Well i don’t know about that i got niggas upset
My mama proud cause her baby boy traveling
Across the 50 states shutting shit down, extravagant
Women think im magnificent
Real niggas respectin what I”m spittin

Why? cause a nigga really livin it
Striving for the best got it in my peripheral
Cock, aim, shoot til I’m blessed with residuals
Get on your shit dog
Keep your mind on your money
Watch how you go far


[Verse 3]
Took the shades off
See the flames in my eyes
Rollin’ up that good
Blow the haze to the sky
Im tryna’ build me a enterprise
If your fucking with your boy put the bullshit aside
Hopped in the ride
Smashing down on 105

Up in PAC, BI.G, E.A.Z.Y
E east side where i reside
So see how no bow-ties, niggas sold some pies to get by
Been there done that, now im tryna’ run rap
Tryna’ get money like the Simmons
Where Run at?
Reverend, gotta break bread with my brethren
Who the best rappers of the century?
That’s irrelevant
It’s all about whats popular now
Now a-days it’s all about a image
Nowadays its all about a gimmick
Who can sell the best lifestyle
Yo’ shit flop then you finished
My advice dog, pay attention


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