Showbiz and A.G. Lyrics Bounce Ta This

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Song name Bounce Ta This
Artist Showbiz and A.G.

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Listen, this is Dres, and I'm letting ya know
That S-H-O-W-B-I-Z and A.G. are all that
So just sit back, relax, if you got a big bozak grab that
Like Mr. Long, my brother from another mother
Yo check it out

(Bounce, make it bounce, make it bounce, c'mon!)

Speak to your speaker, cause it's the time of day
Something new for the mass, people
Tribe hard, die hard, shit, harldy ever
Not never, but whichever your pleasure whatever's clever
We're deeper than the ports in the back of your cerebellum
Dres, Dre, and Showbiz is rippin this shit, so tell them
We came, we saw, we broke the fuck out
You play, you lay, but if you give good hay you can stay
Hey, what's wrong with the world today?
Brothers busting brothers for less than time of day
The pay for Hammer's, proper, ain't no
Sunshine, and whitey's got your mama
So do you wanna change for the children with a comma?
For who? Me, I, myself, you know the one
Doing what I gotta do when I do, come
I just get off, not just that, yo I say I
Do it good and Chaka Kahn knows that we be in Hollywood
Don't get jel if we cash large checks
Casue we skiddly-dip-dip-do-dep dip dip for effects
Brothers think I'm dissing, but I'm really on the dicks
Look into my album, kid, you'll see all the flicks
But no! You'd rather feel my movie just to cold me
So I was boning mama and your mother fucking told me
I'm playing, I really got no time on the real
But yo, the shiek be unique, so do what you feel
Don't think I'm live? Then take a swigga
Cause I'm from Queens and I roll with Bronx niggas

Check it, check it, check what I say
You can bounce with Dres, or you can bounce with Dre
You can flip the script, or you can parlay
Or you can learn the words and say what we say

If you're chilling with your crew (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
If you're hitting up some skins (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
If you're cooling at a club (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
No matter what you're doing, no matter what you're doing

They say more bounce to the ounce, well a Giant weighs tons
Stepping to the two, but we're not the ones
Brothers are flipping, some other suckers are tripping
Yeah, you gotta take a whipping to see that I'm live and kicking
I'm the A to the G-I followed by the A-N-T rolling with the Show B-I
Black boots, black hat, slick like a black cat
Flip like a fat cat? Never none of that, black
But I got techs for those who wanna flex
So many styles, you don't know which one is coming next
We've been bouncing to the ounce for months
Finesse is here, yeah, Premier's got the blunts
Jazzy's getting jazzy, Big L is raising hell
Show is bugging with the beats, and he's Bhudded, can't you tell?
Diggin in the Crates is in our corner
Ice Water, Deshawn, and Long is getting longer
Gary Gator got the lethal
Infinite, Today, yeah they are my people
Act like Dres, because he's living fat
And say "You can bounce to this, or you can bounce to that"
My respect, and all that dough is all that counts
I'm out, and yo Dres let's make them bounce

If you're chillin on the ave (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
If you're cooling in your house (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
If you're rocking in a waterbed (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
No matter what you're doing, no matter what you're doing

If you're on lockdown (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
Got the boom in your box (Ya gotta bounce ta this)
Even if you're deaf (Bounce ta this)
No matter what you're doing, no matter what you're doing

(Dres intro repeats)

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