Joey Fatts Lyrics Keep It G PT. II

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Song name Keep It G PT. II
Artist Joey Fatts

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[Verse 1: A$AP Rocky]
Weird visits from these spirits while I'm sleepin', creepin'
Please somebody pinch me if I'm dreamin', dreamin'
Swear that I'm a marijuana demon, fienin'
Put that Codeine with that Promethazine, leanin'
Really steamin, outchea Willie Beamen, beamin'
I just need vices just to fight my demons, I seen 'em
These niggas really out here schemin'
These niggas want me out here beatin'
Want me dead and gone for no reason
Run up on us then we squeezin'
Dump, dump from the pump, leave 'em slumped
Now you growin' wings
Lately hoes been suckin' on me like they growing fangs
Like these sucka niggas start becoming growing pains
Time to hit 'em with that Novocain, you know the name

[Hook: A$AP Rocky]
I'm talking black on black and tilts on blades
This the kinda shit we do like everyday
Today, choppin' them blades
This the kind of life we livin' everyday
Tryna function (everyday), out here thuggin' (everyday)
Man they tryna get this money everyday
Everyday, everyday, everyday
Do it for my real niggas, uh, you know I keep it G with ya
Everyday, everyday, everyday

[Verse 2: Joey Fatts]
Out here grindin' everyday, get that dough in everyway
Even when I die, I'mma have these packs at Heaven's gates
More hustle, son of a gangster, so you know I keep it G, it's in my genes
And show is this pistol if niggas try to scheme
Bad bitch pass the seat, She gimme neck in the V, no tee
She came with you but she gone be leavin' with me
She gone pop this E and come F with a G
Gangsta is what gangsta does
OG in my swisha blunt, get money, never get enough
Gotta stack this paper like literature
Cut throat, A$AP, that squad shit
Fuck with one of my niggas, get your top hit
No talk, this .45 knockin'
Smoked all the purp and my clan is mob shit
And I'm feelin' like stocky, all these whacks I'm dishin'
Learned from my older G how to spend that G and make it back in the kitchen
Let me whole whip in, prolly thought I was a gymnast
All this work a nigga flippin'
Stay with some bitches cause a young nigga winnin'
Paper chasin' chasin' my fitness
And I swear to God as my witness, you can ask niggas about me
Joey like a kilogram of that work, that nigga always keep shit G

[Hook: A$AP Rocky]

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