Mike Bars Lyrics There Will Be Blood

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Song name There Will Be Blood
Artist Mike Bars

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[Verse 1: Mike Bars]
This shit is not a gimmick
I'm in it to win it
I'm at the finish
You better recognize the fire I write
Spittin' fifty rhythms a minute
I'm finna get it
More cheddar than you spent up
In your entire life
Bitch, I'm gettin' high tonight
On some dynamite
With fangs like a Vampire bite
Bitches, now I'm on my Twilight
It's time for night night
So get ready to roll

[Hook: Mike Bars]
Imma slip a little crack
In the middle of my rap
While I'm on this track, bitch
I'm a motherfucking beast
You ain't bobbin' to the beats
Cause you're on that whack shit
I might get a little crazy
But do you really think I give a fuck?
Imma give you one more chance
But if someone doesn't answer me
There will be blood
I admit I was on crack
When I did this track, bitch
I'm a motherfucking beast
You ain't bobbin' to the beats
Cause you're on that whack shit
I might get a little crazy
But I can't even say I give a fuck
You will never understand;
I'm the fucking man
Can't you see
There will be blood

[Verse 2: SwizZz]
Alright, Zeed up
Yo, there might be an itty, bitty hint of blood...yuk
That will splatter on your tv, and your rug...yuk
This Halloween I'm eatin niggas like a sub...yuk
Sinkin' my teeth in necks when it's time to go hunt...yup
Aye, don't get caught walkin alone
Or you will not make it back home
There ain't an application on your phone
You can use to try to reduce
The pain I let loose when I'm in my zone, ho
You ain't know, you better ask
I flow colder than the Jack that's in my flask
Black scleras are the version of my mask
Your days are numbered, I'm just here to do the math
Mike Bars invited me on the track
We got it made like a mothafuckin' pact
Horror flick, I might bring the axe
Or the Jason machete and tear that ass in half
Hey, Trick or Treat, I'm on your doorstep
With my pillowcase lookin for something sweet
I hope you can pass me a Butterfinger or a Snickers
If I don't get it, forget it, somebodys goin' to sleep
Z Z Z, why would I lie?
I bust shit like nuts, all in yo' eye
You can run if you want, but there's nowhere to hide
Unless you can fly, I guarantee you won't survive, and that's real
You'll get hog tied so you can't squeal
Lips sealed, mouth shut
We don't give a fuck
Mike got the duct tape, I got the anesthetic to drug that ass up
Hostile shit, sorry no luck
Big appetite and you look like lunch
This last part might get a little rough, because...HEANGH!


[Verse 3: Mike Bars]
Okay, listen up
If you find me gettin' head in the bed with a slut
Then she ain't much of a looker
Or she's probably just a hooker
So I beat her 'til her clothes are as red as the blood
I'm sick in the head, and more deadly than most are
I go hard, someone send in the Coast Guard
I'm Mozart, you ain't shit but an old fart
How's it feel being whack, bitch? Send me a post card
You'll never see me afraid
Cause I'm like a beast in a cage
Call me Mike Meyers - not with the glasses
The Mike with the knife, I don't need to behave
And if Peter picked a peck of pickled peppers
Then I bet that you can guess what I'mma do with your intestines
Finna drop 'em in a jar, heat them mother fuckers up
Come around, and then feed 'em to your best friends
Psst, watch your back, I'm behind ya
Flappin' your trap like a rappin' vagina
I'd rather take an axe to the back then to sign ya
One more yap, and I'll slap you to China, rip off
But when the bastards sue ya
It won't be as bad when I blast the Ruger
With a beam to the head, and I'll leave you for dead
You'll be screamin', so don't let the glasses fool ya
I'm a killer, I'll leave you with knife scars
Nah, for real, you ain't iller than Mike Bars
See I'm brilliant, and fuckin' resilient
I'll make me a killin', then give you some bite marks
Most dudes wanna fuck a slut
Take a bad bitch home, and then bust a nut
But me? Give me a dime piece and an IV, cause I...


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