A Masterpiece Of Failure Lyrics Bullet Envelopes

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Song name Bullet Envelopes
Artist A Masterpiece Of Failure

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So bend your lips to the curves of that fake smile you used so many times
I fall over and over again
My face at your feet
Dying there my lips will be pressed against them

I always bent my back from this burden of you
I've shaped these problems into the sharpest blade
And ill shove this knife straight through your teeth
Knock them away

See the hollowness between your lips
That have so much in common with the words you spoke
You always packaged your love letters in bullet shells
And now I'm in this too deep

Your coffin matches your look
And I can see that you took all this time to do what you wanted
Whatever you wanted
You are going to die

Without a smile on your face
And ill know why
The last smirk will be peeled from your lips and mixed with your blood
To form the poison of my hearts biggest mistake

Drink every sip
I drank every last drop
Man vs. Bullet
They are too much for me to take

Too much
For me to take

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