The Swimming Pool Q's Lyrics The Lord Of Wiggling

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Song name The Lord Of Wiggling
Artist The Swimming Pool Q's
Album "World War Two Point Five"

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You got me upside down, man
Turn me over and make me upright!

Hah, hah, hah

They chased a man out
The Chase Manhattan bank
That man was me
There ain't no doubting
About who I am
I raced across the street
To my girlfriend's pad
I said "Please help me out of this jam!"

She shot me a glance
It made me freeze
My eyes got the size
Of two black-eyed peas
And I was wiggling

I am the Lord of Everything
(You got me upside down!)

Someone from the Chase Manhattan Bank
Was on the phone
I headed for the back door
It must have been the loan
The bunko-boys were waiting
And they took me for a spin
In the cellblock next to me
The zombies just moved in

And late at night
I can hear them giggling
At you-know-who:
The King of Wiggling


Keep on keepin' gettin' it right on!
Keep on keepin' gettin' it right on!
Keep on keepin' gettin' it right on!
Keep on keepin' gettin' it right on!

I am the Lord of Wiggling
I am the Lord of every single thing

In.. Out..
In.. Out..

It's my thing
I am the Wiggling King
Accept my appeal
You may kneel
And kiss my ring

All of the while
My real wild style
Was wiggling

The zombies smile
You know they praise my style
Of wiggling
I'm the Lord of Wiggling

Heigh-ho the merry-o
The farmer's in the derry-o
Prince is on the stereo

We wig-wig
We wig-wig-wig
We wig-wig-wig

We wig-wig
We wig-wiggling

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