Historical Folk Lyrics Bunker Hill

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Song name Bunker Hill
Artist Historical Folk

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Why should vain Mortals tremble at the sight of
Death and Destruction in the field of battle,
Where Blood and Carnage, where Blood and Carnage,
Clothe the Ground in Crimson,
Sounding with Death-Groans?

Death will invade us by the means appointed,
And we must all bow to the King of Terrors;
Nor am I anxious, nor am I anxious,
If I am prepared, what shape he comes in.

Still shall the Banner of the King of Heaven
Never advance where I'm afraid to follow;
While that precedes me, while that precedes me
With an open Bosom, War, I defy thee.

Life, for my Country and the Cause of Freedom,
Is but a Trifle for a Worm to part with;
And if preserved, and if preserved
In so great a Contest, Life is redoubled.

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