Silver Screams Lyrics Mean Something

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Song name Mean Something
Artist Silver Screams
Album "Defective Machines"

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You always leave me wantin' more
And I hate you for it
'Cause with more I can get more
And I gotta score it

Back at my desk
The screen doesn't care
Sometimes it's almost better
Can't even think about
What I'm missin' out
It's like a blackout
You thought I walked out
Or maybe I fell out
Or did I fall in
And disappear?

Let go of all my heroes
Worn faded enemies
Drain the weight of my fears and those
Long distance memories
Liberate my pride and glories
Script a new story in place of these
Blurred black and whites, blurred black and whites
All that I see

I'm in love with a world that doesn't exist anymore
Little voice inside my head tells me what I need to do
I won't let it get me down when you look right through me
Don't take this sweat for tears
Not lookin' for the angel's share

Take a step into a new dimension
Perception's self deception
What is your reality?
One day it might mean something
One day it might mean something
One day you might wake up
Maybe tomorrow, maybe today

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