Hazell Dean Lyrics Are You Ready Yet ?

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Song name Are You Ready Yet ?
Artist Hazell Dean

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Are you ready yet? are you ready yet?
Is your peace of mind in a little bind?
Are your cheeks all wet?
Do you hesitate, 'cause you're not quite sure?
Would you like to have just a little more time before?

Are you ready yet? is your mind made up?
Are you all prepared, just a little scared, to be all grown up?
Do you feel secure? are you very sure?
Are you certain that you're old enough for what's in store?

Are you ready yet for what's just begun?
Do you know with all your heart and soul that she's the one?

Are you ready yet? does he seem all right?
Are you pretty calm? are there any qualms about tonight?
Do you feel at ease? are you self-assured ?
Are you confident that the choice was made of your own accord?
Of your own accord?

Are you ready yet? are you ready yet?...

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