Ferlin Husky Lyrics Marie, Mary, Patricia, Eileen

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Song name Marie, Mary, Patricia, Eileen
Artist Ferlin Husky
Album "Songs of Music City U.S.A. [Capitol]"

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(Dallas Frazier - Ferlin Husky)

Whose Irish eyes are heavenly blue
Whose Irish smile is like a morning dew
Who do I see in all my dreams
Marie, Mary, Patricia, Eileen.

Whose precious love will never grow old
Given to me a gladness untold
Who stands by me through sunshine and rain
Marie, Mary, Patricia, Eileen.

Four pretty names for one pretty girl
Gives me the joy I seek through the world.

Whose helping hand is always there
Lending her smile so sweet and fair?
Who is my life my everything
Marie, Mary, Patricia, Eileen...

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