8Ball and MJG Lyrics Collard Greens - v2

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Song name Collard Greens - v2
Artist 8Ball and MJG

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[ CHORUS: Both 2x ]
Niggaz aint fuckin with us
Cause we strapped with them guns
And we always shoot 'em
Nigga u got us fucked up
Aint no hater in us
We some real muthufuckas baby

[ Eightball ]
Nigga I clown fo' mine
I get it down fo' mine
If neccesary pull shit and bust a round fo' mine
You know my sound design
For niggaz street encline
Southern niggas on tha grind
Shine and recline
I stay hard like fake tits
Dig like ice-picks
Disrespect the 'Slab' and yo wig I might split
You hide we find you
Creep up from behind you
And leave you with some heat that will always remind you

[ MJG ]
Because of that big trigget
You niggaz need to quit givin cheese out
You probably wear your knee's out
Yo' wife wanna leave out
But when she pull them keys out
A bunch of that please baby please
What it be'z bout
But what we be'z bout is big body
When we roll up in ya after party
Been smokin wait but hold up, stop, dont tell nobody
Stage holda, mic controller, money gripper
Toe tipper, nigga big time hoe flipper

[ CHORUS: 2x ]

[ MJG ]
When I roll bitches
Lyrical lethal like it was dope hard Moonshine
Niggaz playin like cartoon time
He get tucked in the dark room time
To a busta who done died, why?
All because he tried
What? To tell the truth about some shit
But that nigga lied
Talkin about he dont bump us in his ride
Nigga FUCK you
And the horse you rode on too
You cant fuck with me
Unless you stressed to be an absentee perminately

[ Eightball ]
I dont bard no nigga talkin bout what he got
Until you show me somethin nigga you just talkin alot
Niggaz love to start shit
Poppin that hard shit
Catch them alone and they convert to a broad quik
Where them niggaz at?
Who you said got yo back dawg?
[ Ball they all fake, they puttin on a act dawg ]
Yeah you niggaz be trippin thinkin shit is sweet dawg
We gon' keep it raw until all my niggaz eat dawg

[ MJG ]
Im a cool nigga
But sometimes I act a fool nigga
Im certified in takin bitces to school nigga
The rule is for MJG to stack paper
And fuck bitch niggaz up when they act hata

[ Eightball ]
Big ball, MJG
We do it for the streets
For them niggaz and them bitches tryna get up on they feet
Haters get a hollow tip deep off in they fo'head
All over some punk shit that bitch shouldnt have neva said

[ MJG ]
We got plenty connections
In all of the preferred sections
Potent elections fo' big playaz and bitches sexin
Eigthball and MJG
Consider reckless, flawless
You got blessed the day you saw this

[ Eightball ]
Nigga realize u cant fuck with this
Get it hype, get it crunk, get it buck up in this bitch
Take no nigga Space Age
Thug up in this shit
Eightball, MJG we wuz up
Up in this bitch

[ CHORUS: 2x ]

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