Chalie Boy Lyrics Set Me Free

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Song name Set Me Free
Artist Chalie Boy

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[Hook - 2x]
Through good times, and bad times
Past times, and sad times
Just let me be, set me free
While trying to make it, you're trying to take it
Just let me be, set me free

[Chalie Boy]
I've been living, here for so long
Now I'm wondering, how I'm living wrong
In these streets, it feels so right
People going crazy, under city lights
But I know one thang, one thing that's for sho
These streets, won't take my life
Say you gotta hold on, don't let go
And way to feel, do what you know
Just stay strong, keep your head up high
The real'll be real, while the fake pass you by
I'm trying so hard, trying to maintain
It got me confused, messing with my brain
It seems so funny, no one knew my name
Still I got a little money, now my people have change

[Hook - 2x]
I've been stressed so long, hard dealing with pain
Struggling to have something, I weathered the rain
A young cats with tats, and they told my life
It's been a long hard road, ery'day it's a fight
At times I smoke weed dog, life is rough
I had to wipe my mama's tears, when the times was tough
Smoked out with no goal, God bless my soul
Dranking liquor ery'day, just to ease the load
For every wheel this way, sometimes I pray
Picture me living in the ghetto, trying to find my way
But I refuse to quit, heart filled with hope
I gotta make it out the hood, shit I just can't cope
Mama your boy grown, so it's time to move on
Lord knows, all she wanted was a happier home
Mama your boy grown, for you I live on
Lord knows, all you wanted was a happier home

[Chalie Boy]
I'll keep, holding on - 4x

[Hook - 2x]

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