Cameron Grey Lyrics Dreaming

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Song name Dreaming
Artist Cameron Grey

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to all my astronauts this is a great day in history
only thing that kept me goin was the faith that you were missin me
astronaut stat is us some people disagree
the future saw us comin and i think it saw victory
or specifically i was in a slippery situation
picture me dreaming while everybody's hatin
got a hundred freddies chasin
im just tryin to escape them

and i woke up i was sleepin in my spaceship
i just wish i could let you see every side of me
if you could see inside of me i swear
you'd lie to die with me
shoot or hide with me
crash or fly with me
stay as high as two hundred and sixty six kites with me
i just wish you woulda took this flight with me
now i wish you could hear me

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