Bow Wow Lyrics Ohio Go Stoopid

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Song name Ohio Go Stoopid
Artist Bow Wow

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Ay man, this for the city right here dog
They call me Lamborghini Moss baby
Where my ad-lib, here we go (vroom)
Haas man I got so much swagg on this song my nigga
man I'm a go head and let em know where I'm from (where you from bow?)

Columbus go stoopid (what)
Cincinnati stopid (what)
Cleveland, Toledo, Dayton yeah dey go stoppid (what)
Fort Wayne stoopid (what)
Akron stoopid (what)
The whole state of Ohio wontcha go stoopid (what) [x2]

Woooooo weeeeee I had to let em know first kno what
I'm sayin before I give these niggas the verse naw meen
Lamborghini Moss baby, Imfomous what's up let's go

[Verse 1:]
They call me Bow Weezy baby Lamborghini Mossy baby
Diamonds is so frosty nigaa baby mama wanna date me
Said she wanna balla wanna tear da mall up
I can lay down hundreds from Ohio down to Georgia (damn)
Only on the freshest cause it look like finish line
Old school dub paint green look like lemon-lime
Ridin through the city (fly)
Women they be on me, my name ain't Ginuwine but tey will wanna ride my pony
Bently, Coop, or Kobe's yup I'm ridin 24's
This is for my Cincinnati, Cleveland, and Columbus folk
I'll show ya how to do this Gucci-Louis everythang
Throwin stacks up in the club see I make it precipitate.


[Verse 2:]
Walk into the dealership excuse me I need me a wet one
TV's in the headrest fully customized (damn)
When I pull up to the club man the croowb be goin crazy
When I pull up in New York they be screamin like I'm Jay-Z
The Money and the power not a lame or coward
Keep stackin money taller than the Eiffle Tower
I need me a girlfriend Christina Milian I heard ya
single baby why don't you give Bow Wow a try
Once you saw the dub again you ain't gon want anotha guy
Just be careful from them doors they open suicide
So So Def (yupp) L.B.W.G.A.N.G.
It's plain to see ain't another rapper out fuckin with me
In stores March 31st... Killed em with that verse,
In da crib on dat NBA Live 09 now who want it YEAH, Laborghini Moss VROOM)

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