Biffy Clyro Lyrics Know Your Quarry

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Song name Know Your Quarry
Artist Biffy Clyro
Album "Only Revolutions"

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When I was young
I first encountered my crippled lungs
I felt them burn
And cursed them ever since
I was turning blue
In a match right in front of you
And I slithered to the floor
Hope I score some more

I won't go where the sun doesn't shine
Go crazy in the evening if we sail upright
Love is a shadow in the brightness it dies

Because tonight, we raise the sun
And we shine it over everyone
If we want a gradual hush
Our lips should kiss each other so...
I just want to feel your body
I want you to know your quarry

You can see the world
Looking down from a different universe
Can we save every single one of them
We only have five hands
My father cradled us
We're bright blue and we're covered in blood
We staggered through the door
Trouble is taking score

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