Ballistic Lyrics Watch Me Do It

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Song name Watch Me Do It
Artist Ballistic

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Watch me build an empire to destroy
And you should fear me, I'm a person to avoid

I'll use you befriend you I can pretend
You're important to me and I have nothing inside
So I'll hitch a ride, my friend

You give me everything I think I need
And you christen me, the new messia to believe

I want this, need it, want you to worship who I think I
Am, and I have dillusioons of grandeur feed these fires inside

I harness the thunder of days gone by, of dreams
That all but pass my by, I'll never surrender
Never to reside, do you know who I am?

Watch me when I have nothing left to see
And you can hear me I'm half the man I used to be

I fooled you, conned you, used you, ignored you
And threw you aside, for me it's one more step
To the pinnacle of fame

I harness the thunder of days gone by,
of dreams that all but pass my by,
I'll never surrender never reside,
I'm all, but gone

And we were young, and quick to act
We'd rule the world
Rule throughout the land
Now I am free, do for myself
And I am my own savior

I reached the highest peak
And assailed the highest high
I'm on my way, way to the afterlife
I'm on the brink
The brink of something great
And when I leave my body
lay into the grave

what is this place, what is this time
what is this force here
that will give me piece of mind
years I would fall, years I would die, years I
was stopped and yet I raise th higher heights

you watch, you'll see, when you are with me
your faster than you were before
you'll kill with a violent force
you watch, you'll see, I bask in victory
and all will die away

you live your life, I'll stand on high
and I look down, down at you in your pain
now you are gone, and you are weak
and I have never been more alive

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