Andrewvictoria Lyrics IT'S NOT OVER

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Song name IT'S NOT OVER
Artist Andrewvictoria
Album "AndrewVictoria EP"

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I'd been down deeper than I'd even been
I was drowning underneath my sea of tears
I was out further than an angel's reach
I was incomplete losing to my fears
I was ashamed cornered by the things I felt
Feeling jaded by the ones who'd let me down
Where could I go I was lost within my labyrinth
I was frightened of the life I didn't know
But then you came along you held out your hand
You brushed of my cheeks and made me understand
That there's more to life when you close a door
And if the road just ends you turn around
And start to search for more
You sometimes have to bend and learn how to forgive
And when the world is on your shoulders,
It's not over
I was blamed they said it all had been intentional
They called me selfish not admitting to their faults
But it was right doing what I had to do
It hurt me deeply more than they could ever know
But you said to be strong and yet you still let me cry
Stood by me each day and said all good things take time
It's not over
Not over

copyright AndrewVictoria 2010 Socan

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