A [UK] Lyrics”Power Of Desire”

A [UK] Lyrics Power Of Desire

Song name Power Of Desire
Artist A [UK]
Album “Singles, Soundtracks And The Unpublished”

[Chris:] Fallin’ for a fantasy
I threw away my destiny
I don’t know where to stop
Feelin’ broken-hearted

I’ll think about it
And to see my eyes
To cry to dry
for I’ve forced
All this time [2x]
With you, ooh…

[Chris:] I was tempted by the power of desire
I surrendered to the calling of the fire
There’s nothing I could ever say
to change the things I did
But I promise you
I’ll make it up to you

[Mark:] Take me back to yesterday
When all our dreams were swept away
I’d never crossed that line
I changed across of time

I could never live this way
If only you’d forgive
We’ll start again
With all my heart
All my love for you [2x]

[Mark and Chris: (chorus)]


[Mark and Chris:] No surrender no return
If only you believe that…

[Chris and Mark: (chorus)]

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