A 45 Lyrics”You Dont Have To Wait”

A 45 Lyrics You Dont Have To Wait

Song name You Dont Have To Wait
Artist A 45

You don’t have to wait boy, no more
cause you found your love tonight
and you don’t have to worry no more
and you don’t have to cry boy, no more
she is waiting for you
and at least you’re reaching
a new wonderland

She is now your rainbow, so beautiful
you will walk on now
a festival of heartache, the spirit of love
so take this moment of your life, don’t ask

may be it’s a wonder
may be one day’s morning
you will wake up alone in your bed

You don’t have to worry, you dont have to carry
you just have to take your luck into your arms

Your bed was never empty
but your heart was so cold
last night blue eyes were rising, oho …
like a warm morning sun
and filled your heart with feelings, it’s a thrill
it’s a new dimension
now don’t be afraid boy
may be this night will be a new start


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