98 Mute Lyrics Them

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Song name Them
Artist 98 Mute
Album "98 Mute"

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Walking down the streets, idiots are all I fucking see.
Morons right in front of me.
Ive got a group of them to my right.
And its just the start of my night.
Sitting on the corner of manhattan beach blvd.
And ocean.
See some sluts out for fun.
Showing off their silicone tits.
Pounds of makeup hide their zits.
I cant believe what my eyes see.
Bars packed with u.s.c. fraternities.
Plastic people with their plastic money.
Mtv fed mentalities.
I thank God Im not like them.
Pennyloafers on their feet.
Collared shirts with rolled up sleeves.
Tight blue jeans you wouldnt believe.
Ive got a dozen chumps to my right.
And its beginning to ruin my night.
The to my left a bunch of chicks who think theyre hot shit.
So I slap them with my goddamn dick.
People acting so sophisticated.
By twenty-one theyre all outdated.
I dont ever want to be like them.
I wont ever fuckin be like them.
I have fun laughing at them.
I think God Im not of one of them.
Now Im all surrounded.
All these idiots suffocating me.
So now its time for me to leave.
But as I leave this fucked up scene I thank God that Im me.

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